Decent information

There is some decent information throughout these video series. It’s clear that Kevin is passionate about his practice and the techniques that he has learned. However, I left four instead of five stars because this format does not allow for much discourse or community building, which is in my opinion, imperative to creating healthy understanding of not only the practice of meditation but the heart


  1. Thank you for this feedback Michael! At the end of the course is a link to our Facebook group, which you can join and be as active as you like for community and discourse. At this price point we cannot offer live sessions with teachers and students for discourse and community; if you are interested in a more intensive course like that please check out πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, the cost of this program was very accessible for many people, which is fantastic! And I understand the limitations that this can also have. I am grateful for the dozens upon dozens of hours of work you put into this program to offer it at such an accessible rate. I could not, however, find the link to a Facebook group anywhere in the course material. Can you tell me where it is?